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Real Life Success Stories. Castle Hill. Lancaster

Posted on Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Today we look at the story of a home at Castle Hill, Lancaster.   This is a heritage home which should have sold easily.  After all,  the Castle Precinct area of Lancaster is highly regarded and exceptionally sought after.   This was a stunning home, beautifully presented and with bespoke fitiings including the hand made kitchen.   The views were outstanding.  

Property Address  Castle Hill,  Lancaster

Price  £350,000

Number of Viewings 12

Time on the market (until completion) 21 weeks



Property History

We originally met Zoe in May 2016.   She was already living in London, however in order to purchase her next home in the city, she needed to sell her Lancaster home.  In some ways it was a relunctant sale.  She had renovated this home to high exacting standards however it had become more of a weekend bolt hole and it was time to let it go.

Back then Zoe instructed a different estate agent.   She chose one which she felt specialised more in homes of distinction.  One which she felt was more connected and could offer more high end marketing.   Sadly, her home didn’t sell.   Despite having professional photos taken,  viewing numbers were low.   We had kept in touch and arranged to meet up again.   At the end of December 2016 we launched the home for sale.


What we did

Given the fact Zoe had commisioned professional photos of her home, we opted to use these.  Her issue wasn’t a poor brochure ( although we did word it entirely differently ).  Zoes issue was that she wasn’t get enough nor viewings, nor the right type of viewer.  

We sat down and worked out who her buyer would be.  What type of person.  This wasn’t really a family home depsite the fact it was 3 bedrooms.  It would suit an academic,  a solicitor,  possibly a doctor.   We were aiming for a couple,  possibly of a more mature age given the price of the home.


The result

In total,  Castle Hill had 12 viewings and 2 offers were made.   The first offer ( which we rejected was made in January 2017 ).   We agreed a sale in March 2017.   Given that this is a Grade II listed home,  the paperwork from this point was far from simple and the conveyance brought up many questions and requests of various checks etc.   John Gallagher looked after the sale personally.  The property sale completed in June 2017.  


What the owner says...

"I instructed JDG after being on the market with another agent for several months with an unusual heritage property. As soon as they were on board, I had viewing after viewing. These viewings helped us market the property properly and get the pricing right. The team always gave me honest feedback from viewings, and then saw my eventual offer through to the very final hours of completion, managing all the last minute tasks for me when I wasn't around. I think it really helps and makes their product a success that the owners actually work in the business along with their employees; this really singles them out in the market in the Lancaster area"