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Why a Local Lancaster Estate Agent Could Add Value to Your Home

Posted on Friday, July 14, 2023

In this week’s sales article, we explore how agents with local knowledge could help sellers get the most for their property.


If you’re selling a property, you’ve got a big decision to make. Which estate agent do you pick? Should you go with an independent local agency or choose a big-name brand?  Should you use an agent based on the local high street or go with a cheaper online option? 

Before you make up your mind, it’s best to get a couple of agents in to value your property and discuss the sales process. Find out how they will help and what they will do differently from other agents. 

In this quick read, we look at why staying local and using an independent agent can offer you real value for money. 


Realistic valuation 

It’s easy to get swayed by big numbers. The bigger the valuation, the better the agent, right? Wrong. Unfortunately, some agents could offer higher valuations to win your business, and you may find yourself dropping the price quite swiftly once it goes to market. 

Working with a local agent who lives and breathes properties in your area gives you a better sense of what similar properties have sold for and the current level of demand. If you choose to sell with an online agency, you’ll lose the benefit of having a local expert on your side, singing the praises of your property to potential buyers. 

Unlike more corporate estate agents, most local agents live in the area they work in, so they’ve seen the market change over time. This gives them a deeper understanding of what price a property can achieve.  

At JDG, we will never knowingly overvalue your home! 


Local knowledge 

You can’t put a price on local knowledge. An estate agent that has experience of your neighbourhood can be the reason your home sells. Not only will they be able to offer you information about what local buyers are looking for, but they can also share bags of knowledge with potential buyers during viewings. 

And if buyers have school-age children, a local agent will be able to discuss proximity to schools, catchment areas and Ofsted ratings. Similarly, a local agent’s knowledge of commuter routes, public transport options and local gyms, parks and shops will help persuade buyers who are unsure of what an area offers.

Many of our clients tell us our local knowledge is what sets us apart! 


Focused viewings

Most agents have an email database of buyers wanting to live in the area, but only a local agent can use it to full advantage. They’ll be able to find a property that suits a buyer’s needs more acutely than a corporate agent who moves around a lot and is relatively new to the area.  A good local agent will be tuned into what their buyers are really looking for, so can target your property to the right people. 

At JDG our database (we call it a client bank) is key.   It's one of the reasons that 30% of all homes in Lancaster sell via our agency! 



If you’re looking to sell your home, our team at JDG Estate Agents has got the knowledge and motivation to get your property sold. Contact us on 01524 843322 for more information or email me directly at michelle@jdg.co.uk