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Real-Life Success Stories - Find a home during lockdown

Posted on Wednesday, May 19, 2021

We’ve neglected our success stories for a while, the housing market has been so busy, it’s hard to find time to put pen to paper. But this is a story we want to tell, and we one we will always remember!  This is the story of selling a home at the beginning of lockdown and helping a buyer find her dream home!  


Receiving an offer

It would be week 3 of the first lockdown when Anna received an offer on her city-centre home.  The buyers had viewed just before the first lockdown and were keen to move.  The offer amount was great, but the conditions were more difficult.  The buyers needed to be moved in for August.  If the UK was still in lockdown, they would give our clients 2 weeks after the restrictions lifted in order to move.  The problem was our client had nowhere to go.


Finding a home during lockdown conditions.

Anna was very specific about the house she wanted to move to.  An identical one on New Quay Road had just sold.  She knew the homes well.  She wanted a specific style however there was none on the market.  We couldn’t leaflet drop and whilst we don’t believe in door-knocking, lockdown meant we couldn’t even resort to that.

We came up with a plan.  Using Facebook marketing and a picture of the home-style she wanted, we would target that specific area with our request.  We would ask people in that area to share the post and let their neighbours know that this was a genuine request.  Michelle is highly trained in Facebook marketing, Zoopla ranks us as No.1 in the UK for social media marketing.  It was the only real option we had to open to us.

The result

4 people replied to our request.  3 of them had homes in that area but not the style my client was looking for, however one did.  It was the exact house style we were looking for with the river view!


The viewing

Initially, the owner created a home video showing the house.  This was followed via a video call viewing.  It was exactly what Anna was looking for.  The owner of the home had plans to move in early 2021, however, given the situation jumped at the chance to secure a sale at the price that was been offered!

If you are thinking of moving, please think JDG.  We do so much more to market our client's homes in order to help them achieve the best possible price.  Call us on 01524 843322


Why we like this story - this was the first time ever we had both sold and found a home in such a unique way in such a strange set of circumstances. It was a pivotal moment, in truly realising and understanding that homes can be bought and sold in strange circumstances and in such a digital way.

Problems are there to be solved.  Many years ago a Lancaster client called Henry told me, there is no such thing as a problem, it is simply a solution waiting to be found.