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How to protect the value of your home

Posted on Monday, June 8, 2020

At least every few days, someone will ask me what they can do to increase the value of their home.  It’s a common question most estate agents get asked.   Very few though will ask me how they can protect the value of their home and I feel this is as equally important,  if not more so.   Imagine, buying a home, only for the value to decrease due to poor maintenance.     

All homes need looking after.  The best investment a homeowner can actually make is to learn the ins and outs of home maintenance.   This way, when you decide to sell,  you will get the best possible price for your biggest investment.  



Your roof and gutters

Check your roof annually or after any major storm.  If any tiles are slipped, arrange to get them repaired.  Clean out gutters of any twigs and leaves.  Also, clean your gutters.   UPVC gutters which have green mould can be off-putting to buyers.  It detracts from the homes kerb appeal.


Your windows and doors

Stand back and look at your windows and doors.   These need to be maintained.  Wooden frames need to be painted every few years.   UPVC frames need to be washed.   If you have sash windows,  do they open easily?   Make sure you don’t have black condensation marks around your frames.  If you decide to sell your home,  cleaning the glass inside and out will also make a big difference.


The yard/garden

Outside space is somewhat of a premium to many.  Make the most of yours.  An overgrown garden can easily knock thousands of pounds off your home.  Paint your fences, power wash your patio.  Make sure it is weed-free and your lawn is neatly cut.  By adding mature plants and creating privacy,   you will attract buyers easier. 


Your decor

Make sure your decor is simple and neat.  A badly painted room can easily put buyers off.  Keep it plain and light.  There is nothing worse than peeling wallpaper, or walls that have blue tac marks all over.   Takedown any posters.  Touch up any scuffs.   It doesn’t cost a lot to do this and will make sure your home stands out


Make it sparkle

Dust, dirt and black condensation marks in kitchens and bathrooms can really have a negative effect on your home's value as can lots of clutter in your home.  By making your home clean and clutter-free, it will also feel so much bigger.   Make sure all your extractor fans are working and that you open your windows to allow your home to breathe.  


Keep it light

Nobody has ever said they like a dark home!  A simple tip is to brighten up your home.  Pull back the curtains.  Open the blinds fully and switch on lamps and lights.   Using mirrors cleverly can also make a home feel lighter and also bigger!


Maintaining your home properly will help ensure it stops in tip-top condition and will ultimately protect the overall value of your home.  Remember, your home is your biggest tax-free investment.   This same advice also applies to landlords.  Make sure you keep your property maintained!

If you like to discuss the value of your Lancaster or Morecambe property, please get in touch.  At JDG we are here to help.  Call us on 01524 843322 or email me at michelle@jdg.co.uk