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Why Good Property Photos Are an Essential Step in the Sales Process of your Lancaster home

Posted on Sunday, August 20, 2023

In this week’s sales article, we drive home the importance of sprucing up a property before photographs are taken. 


It’s often said that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but then (confusingly), it’s also said that first impressions count… Why are all these clichés so important?   Well, when marketing a property, it’s a bit of both: how a property looks will catch a buyer’s eye before they pore over the finer details. 

Photos of your property are what hooks the buyer, what drives them to pick up the phone to arrange a viewing, and what helps them imagine living in your home. So, property photography is an essential part of the selling process. 

In this quick read, we look at how to prepare your home for photographs and what to expect.


Tidy up

If you know your agent or a professional photographer is coming around, your first move should be a tidy-up. Clear those counters, pack away the clutter, make the bed and give the floors a quick vacuum. Photos of a messy, cluttered home aren’t going to entice buyers. But a sparkling clean and desirable property will. 


Quick makeover 

 Just before you take a selfie, you might give your hair a quick pat down, check your teeth for bits of food and put on your best smile. Well, the same applies to your property. A superficial makeover can make a world of difference to property pics.  Open the curtains and let the light in, add some fresh flowers to your coffee table and make sure the dog bed isn’t in the middle of the room. 

You might even consider moving the furniture to create more space and putting away all the bottles of shampoo and conditioner that are lined up along the bath. 


Don’t be offended 

Some property photographers might come in and move things around.  They probably won’t start rearranging your sofa and chairs, but they may angle furniture to make a room look bigger or clear a kitchen island of any dishes or piled-up post to get a clear shot. 

There’s no need to get offended or upset by these little adjustments – after all, they know what sells and are working with you to achieve the best look for your home. 


Part of an estate agent's job is to make your home look its best by taking great photos.   Give them a helping hand by making sure they’ve got a clear and clutter-free space to take pics of. 


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