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3 easy ways to give your home a fresh Summer feel

Posted on Thursday, May 25, 2023

Summer is here.  The temperature has hit 32 degrees across Lancaster and Morecambe and we are all feeling the heat.   Many of us have googled the ways we can cool our home down,  but how can we give it a summer vibe, so it feels fresh,  airy and more like Summer?    In this week's blog, I'll share with you simple ideas.


Add white accent pieces

Adding in some white accent pieces will give that light, airy vibe that we all love. Invest in some all-white vases and fill them with green foliage.     Think about light floaty white curtains or voiles in your living room to give you that beach bed vibe.  Change your bedding to white - it will make your bedroom look bigger.   Blue and white work together as a great combination,  you could use this combo to give your home a summer nautical theme. 



Change the Focus

If your home has the space, could you consider changing the focus of your room?  In the winter we choose to huddle around the fire.   Why not turn the furniture so you can take in a view of your garden instead.    If you have an open fire,  why not swap logs for pretty white church candles?



Set out Summer Flowers and Fresh Fruit

Nothing screams summer more than beautiful flowers and tasty fresh fruit.  Give your kitchen a zest feel with bowls of fresh fruit.    A beautiful vase of summer flowers is the perfect addition to any decor.  Whether you're indoors or out, consider adding flowers for a great centrepiece or anywhere around the house.   You can also add flowers to tubs in your yard,  hanging baskets outside and pretty window boxes - just like many of the fabulous hotels in London choose to do!


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