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4 ways to sell your Lancaster or Morecambe home quickly

Posted on Wednesday, January 4, 2023

If you have found a house you want to buy, but need to sell your home first, you need to act quickly.   The race to get sold is on.    In this 3 minute read, we will look at 4 things you can do to ensure you sell quickly and still get a great price!

Get your home on the market asap

It sounds obvious but if you have seen a house you like, you haven’t got any time to wait.   You need to identify the agents that are selling quickly in your area and arrange to get your home on the market ASAP.   A good pro-active estate agent can get your home photographed and on the market in a matter of days.  

Price your home realistically.   If you get lots of interest,  you could get multiple offers which should ensure you still achieve a great price.   We call this price to entice. 



Make sure your home is immaculate

It goes without saying that immaculate, well-presented homes sell quicker and for a higher price.  Your homes need to sparkle and any clutter needs to be hidden away out of sight.   This means straightening books on shelves,  popping things in drawers and having a good old tidy up! 



Time to de-personalise

If your home screams of your personality, now might be the time to tone it down.    Ornaments,  family photos and your collection of games all need to be hidden away.   Clear work surfaces in the kitchen.   Hideaway shampoo bottles in the bathroom.   If you can change all your bedding to white  - it will make your bedroom look bigger.   



Quickly accessorise

Give life to an old sofa by adding new cushions.   Dress a bathroom up with matching towels and “posh” bathroom goodies.   Add flowers to a desk, a table or a windowsill.  Dress the kitchen with a fruit bowl.   By adding some key accessories you can give your home a fresh feel which attracts those buyers.  


If you follow these tried and tested tips, you’ll soon have selling success.  Also, make sure your buyers view when it’s daylight, otherwise, they’ll want to come back before they offer, delaying valuable time.    


At JDG we have also found that clients which have a 360 tour get offers quicker than homes that don’t have a tour.    This is because potential buyers can pre-view before visiting but also look again from the comfort of their sofa once they get home. .  It cuts down on people wanting to return before offering.    Plus a 360 tour ensures the “right” person comes to view.


Can we help you move?   Call us on 01524 843322.  At JDG we love to help.    


Thanks for reading


Michelle x


Ps.  Did you know?  The Property Academy in conjunction with Rightmove ranks our estate agency as the best in the UK (out of 22,000) estate agents.   You could read more about that here