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Real Life Success Stories. Belle Vue Terrace, Lancaster

Posted on Monday, October 16, 2017

This weeks success story focuses on a beautiful period home on Belle Vue Terrace that was struggling to sell.  It had been on the market for 6 months.  In that time we had agreed sales on 2 of their neighbours, one of which was quickly snapped up.    I’d drive pass this house daily.  In fact several times a day.  I’d wonder why hadn’t it sold.  I already knew the pictures weren’t great, you could see that online.  However, it was on Belle Vue Terrace.  This is a prime area.   People dream of living on Belle Vue Terrace.  What was wrong?

Address:  Belle Vue Terrace,  South Lancaster

Price:  £365,000

Number of viewings:  21


The background of this home

The Wilsons had lived in their house since the 1980’s.  It had literally been their family home, the place they had raised their family.  It was a large house and now all the children had long flown the nest, it was time for them to move and possibly even consider semi-retirement.   Mr worked away from home lots, however, when he was back he had taken over the lounge as his study.  The master bedroom had become the first-floor lounge and the attic bedroom was now the master.    You can start to see and understand one of the problems this home had.  It just didn’t flow.  However, listening to Mrs Wilson talk, we started to realize that this wasn’t just a problem of poor photos and a house that didn’t flow,  it appeared to run deeper than that.  The estate agent showing the home employed part-time and weekend viewing staff.   They didn’t even know what they were selling.  The viewer hadn’t been briefed on this home, therefore, they were unable to answer questions and offer solutions.   We started to make plans and come up with solutions.   Here is what we did.   It wasn’t all easy sailing!


What we did

At JDG we look at every home individually,  Our marketing plans and advice need to be tailored to each individual property and often each person too.   We had lots of ideas for this family, however not all were practical for their needs.   For example,  Michelle wanted the study moving so the lounge could become a lounge and the master bedroom actually a bedroom.  However, we don’t always get what we want.   We did, however, agree to some re-decorating and furniture moving.  Beds were dressed differently.   We employed a professional photographer and really considered the angles we wanted to show this home from.   The house was premium listed on Rightmove to ensure maximum exposure.  This alone over doubled the online viewings.   

One of the key differences though was our viewer.  At JDG we only employ full-time viewers.  We see this as a key role.  We see our viewing team as property tour guides who need to know the house they are selling.  They need to be able to make suggestions, give ideas,  show how the home can work for the individuals viewing.   It really is essential.  We need to make sure any prospective buyer see’s the property as their home, not as the current owners! 



The result

Our refreshed marketing generated over 20 viewings.   We had several interested parties, however, at this price range, it was finding the one buyer which could proceed.  We won’t agree on a sale if a buyer hasn’t sold their own home.   There were issues along the way,  not with this house but the chain below.  Mr JDG ended up advising the buyer of this house what to do with regards their own house sale which was experiencing various problems.   You see at JDG, we need to ensure the whole chain is in place and it is all moving along.  It’s part of our service.  You’d be surprised how much work goes into this part of the job!


What the buyer had to say…..

"We can’t thank you enough for all the help and support that you and the team have given us during the purchase of our new home in Lancaster.  We have moved from outside the area.  Conducting a long distance move is never easy, but right from the start when Sarah showed us around the property, and all the way through the ups and downs of the house moving process, John and the team have been practical and calm, even when our sale in the south of England caused delay.

We would definitely recommend JDG to anyone wanting to buy or sell in the area and should we ever need to sell we know exactly whom we will use.."

Thank you & best regards


Debbie & Simon Reddy


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