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Real Life Succes Stories. Cheltenham Road

Posted on Sunday, June 4, 2017

Welcome to Cheltenham Road.  This is the story of a beautiful 3 bed home in Greaves.   *Joanne, the owner called 3 local high street agents out to value her family home.   The valuations differed vastly from as low as £150,000 to ourselves who recommended an asking price of £180,000.  There was £30,000 difference.  Find out what happened and why she initially chose a different estate agent to act for her…..

Address:  Cheltenham Road,  Scotforth

Price: £175,000

Sold for:  £175,000

Time on market: 24 hours 

Number of viewings: 1



Property History

Cheltenham Road was a stunning period home.  The owner, whilst a lovely lady, was a tough cookie and really grilled and interviewed each estate agent valuing her home.  She knew what she was looking for.  It transpired, a key factor was an agent who had the same thoughts on value as herself.  

Therefore we were devastated when *Joanne emailed to say she had decided to go with a different estate agent.  The valuation they gave was nearer to what she was expecting herself.  Plus their fees were slightly lower.  They had valued the house at £170,000.  £10,000 lower than ourselves.   We politely emailed back, wishing her the best of luck.  I won’t say what else that email said.  It’s hard to lose a house that you really know you can sell.  

Two days later *Joanne was back in touch.  The other agent had failed to come back to her!  We agreed to market at £175,000.   £5000 lower than our own valuation but at figure she was more comfortable with and £5000 more than the other agent.



What we did

As soon as we heard back from Joanne,  we arranged to meet back up.  Michelle went along to prepare the brochure for sale.  This home was beautiful and if we were to achieve a premium price for the house we had to make sure we really showed it off.   We had plans in place to really push this house and the photos were key.  

We really highlighted the key features of the home.  We focused on the best bits, like the beautiful window seat in the huge master bedroom and how the stylish kitchen had space to casually dine.   We played on the areas of the home that this house offered that other houses for sale couldn’t offer.   We knew this home was in competition with others up for sale.  No home is on the market in isolation,  therefore great marketing is really key.   More so than ever due to the Internet.

Our team were briefed.  Phone calls were made and instantly a viewing was booked for the following day from one of our “hot” buyers.   



The result

An offer of the full asking price was made the following day.   The offer was accepted.  Exactly 2 months later the sale was completed.   There is no denying that had the other agent called back, they may have sold the house quickly too.  However, would they have achieved the same premium price we did? 


 *Names have been changed, however, the address is accurate