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The Perfect Match

Posted on Tuesday, February 14, 2017

It’s valentines week.  Love is in the air.  People are out house hunting,  hoping they will find a home to “fall in love with” I am an estate agent.  You know that already.  But did you know I believe that my job is more about people than property itself.  Sounds odd doesn’t it?  However my job is like that of a dating agency.  You have a house you want to sell.  I have a mailing list full of buyers.  Can I get them to fall in love with your home?   Let me tell you a story.....  


My client

A while ago a single lady with a wonderful daughter decided they had to sell their home.  It was probably a reluctant move as the sale was more through circumstance.  Without going into the ins and outs of their personal reasons,  they had to downsize.  They had tried another estate agent but it hadn’t worked out.  Through recommendation they swapped across to us.


Her Home 

The property was beautiful.  Full of features and character.  There was space to dine in the huge kitchen complete with an AGA.  There was a garden.  There was even parking.  To top it off, the home was in a great location.  When I asked the lady what her ideal home would be,  she replied,  this but smaller. I knew this would be a challenge.  As you can imagine we found a buyer.  But where could my lady client move to?


Searching for the next home

Weeks passed,  and the buyer of this home waited.  My client could not find a home.  We searched high and low for her,  even checking other agents stock.  Eventually she found a property, I feel more out of desperation.  The area was great, the garden was good, it wasn’t what she had described inside but who am I to argue otherwise?  Sadly however this house wasn’t to be.  There was a bad survey and it all fell through.  As expected she was most upset.

A few days later, I was called to value  the perfect property.  As I knocked on the powder blue front door I knew this home was going to be special.  Despite it’s busy road location and double yellow lines outside it just had a feeling.  Kerb appeal is important and this home had it.  


Welcome to the perfect property

Collage Ullswater Rd

As the owner showed me around and told me her story,  I knew I had a buyer.  This was a home full of features.  It had character.  The solid wood kitchen was bespoke.  There was even an AGA, beautiful in powder blue!  The home had 3 double bedrooms.  There was a snug for my clients daughter piano.  There was a garden.  I even discovered there was a garage, just across the road with parking in front.  My double yellow lines were no longer problem.  They were now a bonus.  Nobody parking in front of your house!  Strangely enough,  these two people who had never met shared a similar story,  and a very similar sense of property style.


Matching the home

I received the instruction and in what probably came out garbled through over excitement rang my client.  I was so confident,  I told her that I had found her the perfect home.  I told her that had the other house not fallen through she would be wanting to pull out.  I told her that I had made a 50p bet with Mr JDG that I had found a house for her.  I arranged a viewing.

My client loved the house.  Few words were needed.  I let her take it all in and then room by room I’d discuss what had been done, demonstrating the hidden features,  pointing the original character.  By the time we had completed the ground floor,  she looked at me and said “Why don’t you call John and make that bet £50!”  She loved it.

I won’t bore you with the rest of the story, although please let me know if you want to hear more.  The main thing is she bought it!


Knowing your buyer

My point is.  At JDG we like to know what are buyers are looking for.  We can then match your home to them.  We can make recommendations.  We can talk to them on viewings about how the property suits their needs.  See my job is about people.  It’s about listening.  It’s about introducing.  It’s about matching their needs.  Not that different to a dating agency really!


Ps. I am not really a gambler.  Please don’t get the wrong impression of me.  I do however like to make 50p bets but only when I believe it’s a dead cert.  Just so you know!