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Real Life Sucess Stories - Millacre Court, Caton

Posted on Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Mr and Mrs Ditcburn were a lovely couple and interestingly former neighbours of mine.   Their home had been up for sale for several months with another agent and was struggling to get any interest.   They gave us a call having seen several of our other sales complete.  They were avid readers of our blog and wanted to know if we had any helpful tips and advice that would help.  I always love a call for help.   



Property Address.  Millacre Court, Caton

Property Price. £270,000

Number of viewings  5

Time on the market :  5 months  (until completion) 



Property History

Mr and Mrs Ditchburn had lived at Millacre Court since it was first converted from a school into a house approximately 40 years ago.   They were now ready to move.  The only thing that was now holding back was the sale of their own home.   Their home had a very unique and unusual layout.  It was however very versatile and surrounded by lush greenery.  Estate Agents had struggled with even how to describe it.  


What We Did

Before meeting I took a good long look at their current property details.  The pictures felt dark and gloomy.  The home was photographed at totally the wrong angle.   I knew this development, after all I had lived here previously myself.   Inside the photos looked cluttered,  the rooms appeared small.   I was full of ideas long before I even got there.

We sat down and discussed their moving plans.  They had lived here almost 40 years,  in fact since the property was new.  It was important they sold,  they had already purchased their home for their retirement.  They showed me around.  It struck me just how light and bright the home actually was and how every room had a view.  

We sat down to discuss a plan.  At first I was unsure just how open to my thought they would be.  I needed them to subtly change some things,  mainly a de-clutter, but also I requested they purchased crisp fresh bedding in white.  I wanted the kitchen to be clearer.  I wanted to lose some of the furniture.   Mr and Mrs Ditchburn asked me if I was sure.  I explained who I thought my buyer would be.  My description was them, but 40 years younger!

We took care taking the photos, choosing the time of day perfectly.  The outside photos were as important as the inside.  I wanted to capture the surrounding greenery.   We switched on lamps and lights.  We didn’t need the light,  I just wanted to atmoshphere to some of the rooms.  Our brochures are uniquely worded,  we wanted readers to feel the lifestyle on offer through the words that we chose.  


The Result

We found the buyer initially in just 3 days.  A lovely family who were moving back to Lancaster from Bury St Edmonds.  I rememeber how excited Sarah the buyer was when we first spoke of the home and how I chatted her through the details as she looked through them online.  Her parents viewed it for her and her family initially as they lived close by.  It was big thumbs up, hence Sarah arranged to drive up so she could see it for herself. 

Sadly however the chain fell through just a couple of weeks later.  We showed other buyers however in the main, they all had a house to sell.  However we kept in regular touch with Sarah and her family, who luckily found a new buyer a short while later.  


We love working with clients who are open to suggestions.   When we can demonstrate our key skills and show how they work,  it gives us so much pleasure but also achieves the results you deserve.  Interested in how we do it?  Why not get in touch.  We would love to help you too…..