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Real Life Success Stories. Wentworth Drive, Standen Gate

Posted on Monday, December 21, 2015

Welcome to Wentworth Drive.  This home was hugely popular.  So much so we had 3 offers in the first 4 weeks of marketing.  What makes this story really interesting though, is that this house had been up for sale with another agent for over 4 month without selling.  Wondering what we did differently?   Please take a read.....

Address :  Wentworth Drive

Price:  £250,000

Sold For: £250,000

Time On The Market: 5 weeks

Number of offers:  3



Property History

 We received a call from the owner asking for advice.    She really couldn't understand why her home hadn't sold.  The house was in a superb location.  Ok, there was competition, a neighbour was also up for sale.  However this home was beautiful.   We arranged to meet up.


What we did

 The first thing that was apparent, was that the photos did not do the home justice.  They felt dull and dark.  They failed to show off the space.  They certainly didn’t inspire.  They were also not straight.  The house looked like it was falling over!  We then discussed the feedback and lack of interest so far.  She had no idea why the home wasn’t selling.  Of the viewings she’d had, everybody seemed to like it,  yet no one was buying it.

 We set to work.  Not only did we take superb photos ( we have a great camera with a range of changeable lenses ) we made sure the brochure wording enticed the right type of buyer.  Knowing your buyer type is key.  Once you have identified this you can really focus your marketing on attracting the right type of person.   This home had postives ( 3 double bedrooms ),  however it also had potential hurdles ( the main lounge was on the first floor ).  We had to make sure we showed everything in a positve way.  In this instance, the views were superb!

We launched the property as new.  We spoke to buyers on our mailing list.  We promoted online and also created a bespoke social media campaign.  We booked viewings.  We followed up on them


The result

Within 5 weeks we booked 7 viewings and recieved 3 offers.  The house went on to sell for its full asking price enabling the lovely owner had her daughter to move onto the next chapter of their life.