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Real Life Success Stories. Ullswater Road, Freehold

Posted on Thursday, November 9, 2017

Do you want to sell your home quickly but still achieve an optimum price?   Take a read of the story of Ullswater Road.  Check out the photos and be inspired.   If you need a quick sale and a top price,  you need to read this weeks success story!

Address:  Ullswater Road,  Freehold

Price:  £235,000

Number of viewings:  1

Sold:  Full asking price


The background of this home

The Deriaz family purchased this property as a dated, old-fashioned home back in 2007.  It was the house which was lingering on the market.  Considerably cheaper than other homes on the market on the street at the same time, it was also considerably drabber and needed more than a little TLC!

In its favour were great views towards Lancaster Castle.  It also had the 3 double bedrooms they wanted and the location was perfect, close to the city centre and also brilliant schools.  Transforming this home, however, took a couple of years of hard work!

The work they did made this home unrecognisable.  The living space was almost doubled.   Inside it was beautiful and so light and airy thanks to the large windows they had fitted as part of the renovation works.   Now they were ready to sell.  Could we achieve a premium price for them?  They had also found a home which they wanted to purchase.  Could we sell it quickly?



What we did

Freehold is a key selling area for our company.  We always have buyers looking especially on streets such as Windermere and Grasmere Road.   Ullswater Road, however, is a busier street.   We knew we had some possible objections however at JDG we prefer to focus on the positives and have solutions ready when needed.  We set about creating our marketing plan,  really focussing on this homes USP’s.  It had many, plus it was beautifully presented.  

Michelle took the photos.   Like many homes, we moved items,  even moved some furniture around,  just to make sure we had the best possible photos.   Back in the office, the team discussed who this home could possibly suit and proceeded to call those buyers who knew were actively looking for their perfect home.

John spoke to a buyer from London.  They were previously buying from us however the house seller had pulled out of their sale.   Based on the photos alone, and John’s verbal description of the home,  they booked to see it the following morning.   We knew they were keen given the distance they were travelling.



The result

The viewers loved it.  So much so that they offered the full asking price there and then.   The Deriaz family were happy as they also were able to offer straight away on their dream home.   Just 5 weeks later they moved,  having achieved a record price for their home,  the highest selling 3 bed home on Ullswater Road to date.  



What the sellers had to say...


Thank you so much for selling our house so quickly and for always being cheerful and helpful when I rang!

The Deriaz family

Ullswater Road, Freehold


Check out the photos of this stunning home here