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Real Life Success Stories. Tudor Court

Posted on Thursday, February 23, 2017

Welcome to Tudor Court,  a spacious 2 bed apartment.   This story starts a little odd.   The owner had a rocky start trying to sell with another estate agent simply not getting back to him!  He gave up and contacted us.   Read how we got the full asking price for him in just  a few hours......

Address:  Tudor Court.  Lancaster

Price:  £150,000

Sold For: £150,000

Time On The Market: 4 hours

Number of viewings: 1



Property History

We met Luke one wet Saturday back in October.  He’d been talks previously with another estate agent about selling his apartment however they were so poor in getting back to him that gave up and called us.  

Tudor Court was ( and still is ) a fabulous 2 bed apartment.  It had been rented out for a while to a company.  It did however look a little bit sad.  No offense, but it had been rented to 2 men as a crash pad base and felt a bit,  well, masculine!   The decor was scuffed ( the tenants had brought their bikes in ) and the curtain pole was hanging off the wall. 

The good news was that the tenants were due to move out soon.


What we did

I rememebr standing in Tudor Court, taking in the space around me.  It had a really great feel.  Both of the bedrooms were doubles,  the 2nd bedroom, was large enough to be the master bedroom in many other apartments.  I loved the fact it had a balcony and how the huge sliding door from the living area to the outside just “glided”.

It was however a little tired.  We talked about bring in our inhouse handyman and decorator just to fix a few little things and freshen up the paintwork.  This alone cost my client under £150.  I then asked if we could “dress” the beds just to soften the masculine feel.  We added some flowers to the kitchen.   It helped add some colour!


The result

This apartment sold before it officially even hit the market.  We had shown a couple that week another apartment in the city that was just too small.  My colleague picked up the phone and rang them.  They viewed it 4 hours after I confirmed with the owner that we could do an “early” viewing.   Much to the owners delight a full asking price offer was obtained on the condition it was taken off the market.  It really does pay to know your buyers!