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Real Life Success Stories. Selling The Roundhouse

Posted on Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Welcome to The  Roundhouse ,  a  stylish, modern townhouse located in the heart of  Lancaster   This  week's  success story is slightly  different to   others, in that I had a buyer for this home, just no house to actually sell yet !  

The Roundhouse,  City Centre, Lancaster 

 Price: £245,000 

Number of viewings: 1 

Number of interested buyers: 1 

Time until buyer found 0 days 



A unique story 

The story of The Roundhouse is a little bit different to most.   This is the story of finding a house for a client.   Back in the Summer we agreed to sell a home for a lovely lady in Fairfield.  She didn't just want to move, she needed to move.  She was very specific s to where she wanted to be.  It had to be the Roundhouse.  And it had to be a house, not an apartment! 

There was 1 house for sale there.  However, it was not suitable.  It had tenants in and she needed a house she could live in herself.    The problem was there are only a handful of houses there and we had recently sold one.  What were the odds of someone else wanting to move soon?  


 What happened next 

Sometimes life works in strange ways.  We had tried the usual estate agents canvassing letters but had no replies.  We had asked a couple of the residents there that we know, if they knew of anyone looking to move.  We had a serious buyer and we had to help her. 

It all happened one evening.  A gentleman posted on LinkedIn looking for recommendations on estate agents.    He was also asking for people views on online estate agents and was attracting quite a lot of controversial comments.  Our name got tagged in the post several times as a recommended agent.   Out of courtesy I thanked these people and then made private contact to ask him if I could help and also find out more as to where he lived.  As luck had it, it was The Roundhouse! 



 The result 

We arranged to meet up.  With permission, I told my clients unique story and reason as to why she wanted to move.  He didn't want to move until November which whilst he thought that might be an obstacle it worked out perfectly!   We showed the lady around and she offered the full asking price there and then.    It never actually came to the market.   The deal was done that day.  What mattered most though was everyone was happy.  The owners were happy that they had no hassle with viewings.  My lady was over the moon, and I was happy that I had fulfilled my promise to help.    


Are you thinking of moving?  If so, can we help?   We help people find houses just as much as we help others sell them.  My name is Michelle Gallagher.  We would love to be your chosen agent!   You can reach me on 01524 843322 or email me at michelle@jdg.co.uk