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Real life success stories. Selling Tarnbrook Road, Scale Hall

Posted on Monday, December 10, 2018

I hate it when I lose a house to another estate agent, even more so when I know we can sell it.    But people have the freedom of choice and sometimes I have to ask - did I do a good enough job when I first met them?   Did I truly show them that at JDG we do things differently and not all estate agents are the same?  This week's true story is about a fabulous detached home in Scale Hall.....

Address:  Tarnbrook Road, Scale Hall

Price:  £200,000

Sold for: £200,000

Number of viewings: 11

Number of offers: 3

Time on the market: 10 weeks



The background story

I first met Stuart and Julie back in 2013.  Back then, they were more curious as to what their home could be worth.  5 years passed before we were to meet again.  It was now January 2018 and they ready to downsize from their detached home.  

As is normal when someone is thinking of moving - a valuation is booked.  Most people choose 3 agents to come and see them.  I was pleased to be invited back - after all and they not like me back in 2013, why would they ask us?

I had some fabulous ideas for their marketing.  I also knew we had buyers who would be interested.  Sadly though they chose to use a different estate agent.  This agent was to value it higher and also charge less.   Without cutting our service and marketing package there was no we would compete.  Service and marketing is key at JDG and not something we can compromise on if we want to achieve the best price for our clients.


What happened next?

Almost 5 months was to pass until were invited back to Tarnbrook Road. We had spoken a few times before this and their home was struggling to get any interest.

We jumped straight into action. Great photos were key. I love seeing a before and after and this one is one of our best. I knew the open plan kitchen diner was a key selling feature so we focussed our marketing around this. We prepared one of our marketing videos and to help grab attention used the clients outdoor hot tub as a hook to help highlight the lifestyle on offer.

Facebook marketing was used heavily. We targetted our buyer campaign carefully. It worked. After some negotiation, a sale was agreed at the full asking price.


What the owners said…

"After our house being up with another agent for a while, we moved to JD. We had more viewers in the first couple of weeks than we had the whole time we were with the other agents. We had an offer for the full asking price but the people hadn't even put their house on the market. Within a couple of weeks of JD putting that house on the market, they sold that house as well."

Two weeks in my new home and settled we would just like to say a MASSIVE thank you to John & Michelle and the team and not forgetting Boots

Stuart & Julie

Ps. Not all agents are the same


My name is Michelle Gallagher. I love helping people move home and I also love a challenge. If we can help get you moved, at a great price, please get in touch. You can contact me at michelle@jdg.co.uk or call me on 01524 843322

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