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Real Life Success Stories. Selling Rose Cottage, Cockerham

Posted on Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Todays success story is about a beautiful chocolate box style home that was struggling to sell.  Take a look at the photo below,  it has to be one of the prettiest homes I have seen with that beautiful red tinged stone work.   This home was truly picture perfect.  It has though a big problem.  It was struggling to sell.   The owner had tried two Garstang agents to sell his home.  He had been recommended to us in Lancaster.   With some initial relunctance,  I went to meet him to see if we could help.  

Property Address    Rose Cottage,  Cockerham

Property Price         £325,000

Sold for                    £320,000

Number of viewings booked  4

Days on the market   12


You might wonder, why the reluctance.   There were two initial reasons.   One was the original asking price of the home when you looked at it’s overall size (this home is 1217 sq ft and it is just two bedrooms).  The other was, how many buyers do I actually have looking in Cockerham?

I like to work in an area where I know who my buyers are likely to be.  This tends to be a 3 mile radius of Lancaster City Centre and similar over in Morecambe.  I know who is looking and what for.  I know a 3 bed semi close to a great local school will attract a families.  I know a 2 bed bungalow sale is likely to appeal to the semi retired.  I can profile my buyers.   

At Rose Cottage I was stuck.  The home was beautiful but too small for a family and the layout wouldn’t work.    It was too far out (over a mile to the nearest bus stop and further to a shop) for an older couple.   It was too expensive for a first time buyer and also a property investor.

 I didn’t want to just stick it on Rightmove and hope for the best.  I had to have a plan.  I already knew I could make vast improvements to the brochure just by the photos we took and the words I would write.   I just had to find a way to reach my ideal buyers.


What we did

Inspiration came from a mentor of mine, a man that coaches me in facebook marketing.   He asked me,  what interests would the buyer of this home likely to have.  Why would would someone choose to live here?  What are the homes true unique selling points?

We crafted our brochure around this but also our marketing campaign.  This home was about the good life.  It would interest outdoor type people.  People who wanted a small holding or were interested in growing their own veg.    They’d be a couple, probably without children or someone who’s children had left home.   The range of outbuilding that came with the home would be important to them.  What actually came with the house, was probably of more interest than the house itself, despite how pretty it was!

Armed with this new inspiration and guidance, we crafted our brochure and created our bespoke marketing campaign.  Facebook played a big part in this one.   I won’t tell you excatly what we did  ( I cant give away all my secrets here ) but 12 days later we accepted a fabulous offer!


If your home is struggling to sell,  please get in touch.  My name is Michelle Gallagher.   If your home isn’t selling, I would love to help you come up with a tailored plan that will get you moving!  Call me on 01524 843322 or email me michelle@jdg.co.uk