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Real Life Success Stories - Selling Park Square, Freehold

Posted on Friday, April 27, 2018

  This week's success story is about a lovely 2 bed home in Freehold.     Gurbaksh  and Dillon had been trying to sell for some time before they met us.  They had found a home they  loved  and the family was ready to move, however despite having sold their home very quickly previously, the sale had fallen through and it was struggling to re-sell.   They were stressed.    

Stressed to the point of almost tears.    They wanted to move.  In many ways they needed to.   Their children had grown and quite simply put they needed more space.  They felt they needed to change estate agents – in fact their current agent had indicated that maybe it was best they tried elsewhere. 


Address:  31 Park Square, Freehold 


Sold:   Full asking Price 

Time on market:  12 weeks  


Property History 

Park Square was a beautiful 2 bed terrace home with a great attic conversion.  Set over 3 floors a key feature to this home was the superb garden and the fabulous views it offered.   This home offered two reception rooms.  The lounge was straight off the main entrance whilst the dining room was central to the home.  The toasty multi fuel stove was a great feature – especially given the fact we were selling this over the colder Winter months. 

This home wasn't without it's issues.  For some people the kitchen was small.  Other's didn't like the fact there was no hallway.   The area however is superb, and we saw it as a home full of character. 


What we did 

When any home is struggling to sell, one of the first things I do is analyze the past marketing.  What does the brochure say about the home?  How would a buyer feel when actually looking around.   I pick fault.   Our job is to get the best price for a home and I truly believe the marketing of a home is key to this.  It's all about the preparation.  The work that goes in at the beginning. 

On this one I messed up.  The family were keen to get it on the market asap so I rushed it.  Rushing it meant they weren't really ready for photos.   There had been a 40th birthday party the night before in the home and going by the amount of gifts, bottles and balloons – it had been a pretty decent party!  I met them once Saturday morning.  The house needed moving around to get it photo ready.  Time wasn't really on our side – another house had come up for sale.    We rolled up our sleeves – and with a bit of bossiness from me we got the home into shipshape! 

I'm a great believe a home should look like the photos so instructions were strict.  Keep it on viewing days looking like this!   Our team set to work to find the right buyer.  Phone calls were made.  Targeted marketing campaigns were created.   Facebook adverts were sent out all crafted with the aim of finding our buyer. 

Sarah did the viewing on this one.   She came back with a cash offer from an investor, no survey required.   A great job done! 


And finally 

Ofc ourse, no story is complete without knowing the happy ending.  Our family managed to secure the home they truly wanted when they began their moving journey in June 2017.  That home seller happened to also have ups and downs along the way which resulted in them taking their home off the market for sale.  Again things changed and her dream home came up on East Coast.  She contacted our family to see if they still wanted to buy. All good things do come those to wait..... or at least have a little patience! 


Can we help you move?  My name is Michelle Gallagher.  At team JDG helping people move onto the next chapter in their lives is our passion.  Call us on 01524 843322.  We are here to help.