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Real Life Success Stories. Selling Masonfield Crescent, Standen Gate

Posted on Monday, August 20, 2018

This weeks success story is about a 4 bed detached home on Standen Gate.  It’s an interesting story as it is not that often we put an asking price up on a property ( although we have done it before! ). Darren shares his story on the sale of this home and why he recommended putting the asking price up!


Address:  65 Masonfield Crescent,  Standen Gate

Number of Viewings: 10

Time until buyer found: 8 weeks

Sold: £280,000 


Darren says

As soon as I stepped inside this home, I knew why it hadn’t it sold.  The previous marketing had given the impression of a home that was dull and dreary.  None of the key features had been mentioned and from the marketing, you would have no idea about the open views behind. 


The story

It is easy to blame the price when a home is struggling to sell.  It’s also easier to blame all of the new homes that are being built in the area, especially when they are so close.   But these are excuses.   Sometimes, the housing market can be difficult however I am a great believer there is a buyer out there for all homes.   You just need to make sure you focus on 3 key areas.  At JDG we call them the 3 P’s -  Price, Presentation and Promotion.   Get these right and a house will sell.  If one is wrong - you will find it will struggle. 

Masonfield Crescent is located on the Standen Gate development.  The family selling it had lived here 10 years.  Their family had expanded, the kids were getting bigger and they simply needed more space.   They had tried to sell the property back in 2017.  It failed to get much interest despite its very competitive asking price.  

On the development, there were several other homes for sale of varying sizes.  Barratt Homes and Storey Homes were direct competition.  Why should somebody buy this home rather than a brand new home which comes complete with its own choice of kitchen and tiling?


Who is your buyer?

When you are planning on selling a property it is good to have an idea of who your likely buyer is to be.   I like to create a profile - so in this instance, a 4 bed detached home is likely to appeal to families, therefore, it is important the marketing in terms of your words and photos speaks to these buyers.   For example simple wording such as Looking for a family home?  Or why not point what’s in the area - eg the excellent schoolsWilliamson Park on your doorstep.  It is this type of information that will grab the buyers attention.


Your brochure

Your photos need to stand out and highlight the lifestyle the home offers.   Simple home staging can help.  Fresh flowers on a table and bowl of fruit on cleared kitchen work surfaces work wonders and it is simple and cost effective to do.   Highlight what you have done to your home.  Buyers like to know that a property has been invested in.  Think of it like a car service history.  If you were buying a used car - you would want to know it had been maintained! 


We felt that this home was been undermarketed.  It would have been easy to keep the asking price the same however our job is to achieve the best possible price for our clients.  Our plan worked.  We sold the home for £10,000 more than the previous agent was even asking for it!


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