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Real Life Success Stories. Selling Gleneagles Drive, Standen Gate

Posted on Sunday, January 6, 2019

Welcome to Gleneagles Drive. Homes on Standen Gate are hugely popular. The location is superb, neighbouring Williamson Park. Live here and you are under 2 miles from the city centre, on the edge of open countryside and in the catchment area of some of Lancaster’s most sought-after schools. So why wasn’t this home selling? In fact, this is the 3rd home on this development in under 6 months which was struggling to sell. Until they all switched to us that is!

Address: Gleneagles Drive, Standen Gate

Price: £205,000

Sold for: £203,000

Number of viewings: 1

Number of offers: 1

Time on Market to find a buyer: 2 weeks

About this home

This property first hit the market back in February of 2018. It sat on the market for over 6 months. Don’t get me wrong - in the beginning, we were told it had good interest. At one point it even sold. But the sale fell through. The property reduced and reduced again. It reduced down by £20,000 - to the price they had paid for it in 2006. The estate agent had a change in staff. Communication seemed to break down and this family were left wondering what was happening.

In September they called us. We had sold them the property originally. Could we help?


What we did

When I first meet any potential client that is struggling to sell, I like to find out what has or hasn’t been happening. I check out all of their marketing - even before I visit them and try to pretend I am a potential buyer. It’s important to work out the reasons why a home is not selling - then you can give tailored advice - a potential solution.

In this instance, it was not the price. At the time of marketing, there were 3 other properties for sale. 2 were more expensive - the other appeared to need some TLC. Plus this home had already reduced in price.

I wasn’t happy with the marketing. The angles of the photos weren’t flattering. I also felt that the lounge needed a sofa adding to make it feel more homely and show that there was easily space for one. The home was already immaculate - it really didn’t need much changing at all. Once the new sofa was in place we decided to put the price back up!

We arranged a video, planned our social media marketing campaign ( ask us about our targeted facebook adverts ) and booked our advert space in the local press. We carefully selected the photos we wanted to appear on the search pages on Rightmove and crafted our wording to sound enticing enough to make potential buyers click on the property advert.


What happened next

We quickly had 4 viewings booked in but much to everyone's dismay, the first 3 cancelled. Two of the potential viewers had found a home before they even viewed this. It was a blow to us all. However, on day 12 of the marketing, we showed a potential buyer around who loved it. An offer was made. We rejected it. Mr JDG carefully negotiated the sale. The buyer increased and a sale was agreed. Just 10 weeks later our family moved,  allowing them to enjoy Christmas in their new home.


What the owners had to say 

"Fantastic team and service. We sold our house with JDG, can’t fault the service, the marketing of our house was brilliant and we sold really quickly. A huge thank you especially to Darren and Cassie who were really helpful and supported us through the selling process. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend JDG and already have recommended them to friends."


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