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Real Life Success Stories. Selling Esthwaite Gardens

Posted on Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Have you ever wondered why some homes sell and some homes don’t?  Why some homes get snapped up quickly and others linger on the market?  It is a question that is asked often. This week's real-life success story is all about a house at Esthwaite Gardens.  This home has been on the market for several months.  Despite its modern style, quiet cul-de-sac location and fabulous views, it wasn’t getting any interest.    The homeowner called us and asked if we could help.  

Address Esthwaite Gardens,  Freehold

Price £200,000

Sold for £200,000

Number of viewings 9

Days on the market with JDG 20


The property history

Esthwaite Gardens is a modern, stylish townhouse which was built by Crowther Homes in 2003. It is a modern property, set over 3 floors and one which has fabulous views. The open plan living area is spacious and the three bedrooms are well proportioned. The master bedroom can actually be classed as huge!

The homeowner had been trying to sell for several months when he contacted us. His estate agent was blaming Brexit. Then they blamed the new builds. They even blamed the fact the home wasn’t lived in. He asked us what he needed to do. He needed to sell. He had already moved and this home was now costing him money.

What we did

Before I meet any potential new client, I take a close look at the current marketing. I check out the competition for sale and I work out the square footage of the home. I need to know everything that is possible to know about that property. I’ll speak with the homeowner even before we meet, fact-finding so I can be 100% confident with my research.

In the instance of Esthwaite Gardens, I was asked to collect the keys. I let myself in and spent the first 15 minutes walking around the home. I pretended I was a buyer. I wanted to get a true feel of the property. This home felt sad. Furniture had been left. It needed some touching up.

I worked out a plan. Having spoken with the homeowner, we moved the furniture. We put a bed back in the master bedroom and dressed it with white bedding. We re-positioned the sofa and the dining room table. One of the bedrooms was freshly decorated. We also put the price up from £199,950 to £200,000. Round number marketing works best on the property portals.


The before and after

Take a look at some he before and after photos. What do you think?



The Result

It didn’t take long, just 20 days in total. We created a fabulous social media marketing campaign which also included one of our personal videos. We ensured this home has a mixed media marketing campaign which included local press, Rightmove, Zoopla and facebook. The home sold for its full asking price.


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