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Real Life Success Stories. Selling Cambell Drive, Highwood

Posted on Thursday, May 30, 2019

The story of a 4 bed detached home on Highwood, Lancaster.   This should have been an easy move for the owners, however from choosing the wrong agent to begin with, through to admin errors with mortgage companies and a removal company accidentally cancelling a moving van - this sale had a few bumps along the way.... It's a good job our team is experienced and know how to handle these things! 

Address: Cambell Drive, Highwood

Price: £295,000

Sold for: £289,000

Number of viewings: 17

Number of offers: 3


About this home

Cambell Drive is a modern, luxury 4 bed detached home.   It's on a highly regarded and recently built housing estate.  It should have sold quickly and it should have sold easily.   The family that owned Campbell Drive believed this so much,  they entrusted their house sale into the hands of an online estate agent.  They had to pay up front.   Although that fee was just under £1000, it was to cost them dearly.  It was fee they would never get back. 

At the time of listing their home for sale, they still lived in it.  However, a few months later their new build home became ready and they moved into, leaving this home unoccupied.  Viewing numbers were few and far between.   After 7 long months, they called us.  


What we did

Before I met with the owners,  I did some research.  It is important I know exactly what we are competing with.  In this instance, I looked at every 4 bed detached home for sale within a 1 mile radius.   The developer was still building ( the next phase had started ) and there were over 20 other 4 bed detached homes for sale in a similar price range.   I looked closely at the condition of each,  I compared the square footage of each.   We had lots of positives in our favour, but we also had serious competition.  

The next job was to assess the property.  Although they had moved out,  some furniture had been left behind.  Some rooms look abandoned - it felt unloved.  We discussed this at length.  It was agreed that decor would get touched up,  furniture either re-positioned or moved out,  beds were to be made up.  I wanted this house to feel like a home!     A price adjustment was also needed. 

Following on from this we created our brochure - the photos were a big improvement, filmed our marketing video and got set about finding a buyer. 


What happened next

We quickly had a number of viewings.  In total 17 viewings were booked.  Two of our viewers wanted it but both had properties to sell.  One of these had seen it on our facebook, from one of our targeted marketing campaigns.  The family that finally bought were relocating to the area.  An excellent offer was made, and as the family had already and were keen to sell, it was quickly agreed.  

The chain, of course, wasn't without up and downs.  There were delays with help to buy mortgages,  further down the chain someone had their removal van cancelled which meant they couldn't move and just as it got to moving day, one of the solicitors announced there had been an administrative error with the release of funds.   Cue lots of frantic telephone calls,  a special moving license being granted and one very relieved homeowner and JDG team, when a temporary solution was found it all came together!   


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