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Real Life Success Stories. Parsons Close, Highgrove

Posted on Sunday, November 26, 2017

Welcome to Highgrove,  a beautiful prestigious development in South Lancaster.  This small development comprises of spacious luxury detached homes.  It’s an area of Lancaster many homeowners aspire too.  The location is superb, ever so leafy yet still conveniently close to the city centre and some of the best schools in the area.   Why hadn’t it sold straightaway?  The previous agent were blaming the new build homes.  Was that the real reason?    

Parsons Close, Highgrove, Lancaster


Price: £515,000

Number of viewings: 8

Number of interested buyers: 2

Time until buyer found 7 weeks



A little bit about this home

Parson Close was a stunning home.  Built in 2004, it had been occupied by the same family since new.  Parsons Close is a small street of just 5 homes and this is the biggest home on the street.  A little strange fact is that the houses are odd numbers.  The outlook is very green, looking out over a grassy, tree-lined open space.    


In recent years, the owners had carried out many upgrades to this home.  The german kitchen was just 3 years old and the bathrooms had been updated in the past 2 years.  The garden had been beautifully landscaped by Cedar Hill Landscapers.  It’s fair to say we had garden envy!  



 What we did

When a house is struggling to sell,  our first job is always to try and ascertain as to why.  In this homes instance, it certainly wasn’t the area nor was it the price.   On talking to the owners, they were struggling to get viewings.  Their previous agents suggested that they brand new homes being built were to blame.  We felt differently.   If you are not get the viewings,  you certainly won’t be able to attract a sale.    It was time to go back to basics and treat this home as if it never been for sale before.


Step 1 was to get the home off the market.  By doing so, we could re-launch this as a brand new property to the market with no overlap whatsoever.  


Step 2 was to plan a new way to market the home.  We had to photograph the home so it appeared to anyone house hunting as brand new house the market.  This meant different angles in the photography and an entirely different tone the brochure wording.


Step 3 was to slighly alter the way the family was presenting the home.  Basic home staging skills were used, with a few little extra tips that I like to use in our marketing which are subtle but very effective!  We notice the little things that many others miss.  Putting these things right can make a big difference to buyers who will be looking closely at your photos.  


We launched the property just 3 weeks later.  An exclusive invite to this home’s launch was sent out to house hunters we felt it would suit highlighting the key reasons we thought it would suit their family.  



 The result

In just 7 weeks we generated 8 viewings from 5 different families.  2 families wanted this home.  Like me they were impressed with the luxury kitchen and the garden design bowled them over. A sale was agreed at 97% of the asking price.

Taking the sale through to completion was also a job which took pateience and tenacity.  There wer several homes in this chain,  a couple of these had survey issues which involved some delays.  One home had an online agent dealing with their sale which meant unnessecary delays.  Luckily Mr JDG was able to help them out as to what they needed to do.   It’s all part of what we do to ensure our clients get to move!  


If you are thinking of moving, or struggling to sell,  please get in touch.  At JDG we are to help!   My name is Michelle Gallagher.   Call us on 01524 843322