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Real Life Succes Stories. Wesley Drive. Heysham

Posted on Friday, February 3, 2017

This weeks case study focus's on a bunglaow we sold in Heysham.   Not every client we meet is moving for happy reasons.  In fact, many have to sell due to bereavement.   Dealing with bereavement is always more difficult.  More emotions are involved.  Some clients are concerned about selling their loved ones memories short.  Others find it hard to part with a property due to the happy times spent there. Here is the story of Wesley Drive. 

Property Address -  Wesley Drive, Heysham

Property Type - 3 bed Semi detached Bungalow

Time On Market (TO COMPLETION)  -  5 Months

Reason For Sale -  Family Bereavement

Sold for - £159,000


Property History

The vendor of the home contacted us after suffering a family bereavement. Having previously dealt with us, she knew she could rely on us to provide strong marketing but with a friendly, compassionate approach.  The home had been purchased only a few years ago and had been refurbished throughout at the time.   They had paid £147,000 back in 2013.  Mum had however invested further in the home, mainly on the exterior.  It was immaculate. 


What we did 

After visiting the home to take pictures, we got to work on producing one of our fantastic brochures.  The kitchen was a key selling feature and we really wanted to make sure this stood out to potential buyers.  We comissioned a 3d floorplan which showed just how flexible the living space was and how it would appeal to both couples and families.

The team immediately set about picking up the phone, contacting all the clients on our database that we knew were looking for this kind of home. We knew it would prove to be popular. Immediately, we began to generate viewings, with several people showing firm interest. After a short period of time, we started to receive good offers.

However, where other agents may be just happy with a sale and advise vendors to go ahead, here at JDG we firmly believe in trying to achieve the best price possible for our vendors. After discussing each offer with the vendor, we confidently advised she hold out for a better one. It was a risk, but one we felt was worth taking. We knew we could achieve her a better price. 


The Result

We generated over 20 viewings on the property, many of which were a result of our team picking up the phone and calling clients. Four good offers were received and rejected, before a fifth offer, very close to the asking price, was accepted. Through strong marketing and confident negotiating, we had achieved an excellent price for the home, allowing the vendor to move on and begin her new life, with a little more money in her families pocket!