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Real Life Succes Stories. The Stables, Halton

Posted on Sunday, October 1, 2017

Today’s success story focuses on a beautiful stable conversion in Halton.  We had originally valued this home back in Summer 2015.  Back then they hadn’t found anywhere to move to and opted to sell with a low-cost local estate agent.   12 months later they called for advice and help.  They still hadn’t sold however they had seen a house they desperately wanted.   Could we help get them moved?

Address:  The Stables,  Halton

Price:  £350,000

Time on market:  6 weeks until the buyer was found

Number of viewings:  11




A little a bit about this home

The Stables was and still is a beautiful family home.  Set in the heart of Halton Village,  it is a home full of character and with one fabulous countryside views.  It’s a home which is well thought about.  It has been designed with the living accommodation on the upper floor in order to take in the views surrounding.   Whilst the home is stunning, it’s layout is quirky.  For us, that added to its appeal. 



The Property History

When we met the family for the 2nd time,  they had been trying to sell for over 12 months.   This was September 2016.   We knew we could help.  This was a beautiful home and one which we personally loved.  However, despite preparing a beautiful brochure and taking great care over the photos ( their previous photos did not do the home justice ) and having viewings booked in,  we received a phone call to say the previous agent had found a buyer during the notice period.   We had no choice but step down, after all, they thought they had found a buyer.  We cancelled our viewings.

Fastrack to January 2017.  The owners called asking for help.   Their buyers were stalling.  There was still no survey.  They were now in danger of losing the home they wanted.  We re-launched.  We made a few phone calls.  We had an offer just 3 days later.  However the previous buyer re-materialised,  a survey was booked in and as it all looked promising they stuck with them.   

Another month passed.  Despite promises, there was still no survey.  The owner and the estate agent of the house they were buying were getting more agitated,  they were now in real danger of losing their dream home.   It transpired their buyer was struggling to get a mortgage.



What we did

We made more phone calls.  Our marketing was still sat there ready.  We launched on Rightmove with premium advertising.   We focused on the homes best features.  We booked more viewings.   In March, a sale to a new buyer was agreed.   In early May, contracts were exchanged.    



What the owners said

 "We’ve experienced a few agents over the years – and my view before JDG was that all agents were the same and it was all about Rightmove, but that’s not the case and both Nicola and I would have no hesitation in recommending JDG."