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Real Life Succes Stories. Morecambe Road, Morecambe

Posted on Sunday, October 1, 2017

Pricing....It is one of the most important aspects of marketing a product. Get it wrong and you can wave goodbye to a sale. Houses are no different. Some agents will often overvalue homes in an attempt to win an instruction, promising vendors they can achieve much higher than anyone else. This weeks story is one such case.

The vendors had chosen to instruct an agent that had valued their home at £25,000 more than anyone else, after being promised this could be achieved. The vendors were sceptical but understandably decide to give them a try....12 months later, they were still waiting for the promise to be fulfilled! Read on to find out how we got these vendors moving to their dream home....


Property Address - Morecambe Road

Property Price - £249,950

Time On Market To Under Offer - 6 Days

Number Of Viewings Booked - 4


What We Did

When the vendors contacted us, they were a little dejected that they hadn't sold. After all, they had been on the market for nearly 12 months. We arranged to visit them and have a chat about how we could help. It was clear from the start that the home was overpriced. The vendors had also come to realise that. They asked us to help and we duly obliged!

Photos were taken and brochure produced. We felt confident we could get this family moving. We got to work on the phones and began to speak with potentially interested parties...


The Result

Just 2 days after commencing marketing, we were back at the home showing our first applicant around. The viewing went well and a 2nd viewing was promptly booked for 2 days later. After taking time to show their family, the applicants put forward an offer! A further 2 days past whilst negotiations took place, resulting in an increased offer which the vendors were happy to take. Just 6 days after bringing this home to the market, we had sold it. Wow! The vendor was over the moon, as were we.

It just goes to show that pricing is crucial. Choose an agent that will get it right the first time! Choose JD Gallagher.


What The Vendors Said....

"We had been on the market previously with other estate agents, we changed to JDG and found the team at Morecambe work very hard and provided us with excellent communication. Any query we had was dealt with. Excellent service all round"

Mr and Mrs Madden, Morecambe Road, Morecambe