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Real Life Succes Stories. Jefferson Close

Posted on Thursday, February 8, 2018

This weeks success story focuses on Jefferson Close.  It's an interesting story as this is a stunning home which was struggling to sell.   Normally when any property is struggling, there is considerable work we need to do.   Houses often will need staging,  furniture might need moving and almost certainly kerb appealing needs lifting! Often, the client says they ended up not liking their past estate agent or feels deeply let down.   Trust can become a major factor.   

Address:  22 Jefferson Close,  Abraham Heights

Number of Viewings  4

Time until buyer found 4 weeks

Sold £160,000


At Jefferson Close, this was not the case.  Their home was immaculate ( we only moved a few small bits and pieces in order to enhance the photos ).   They liked their last estate agent.  He kept in regular touch, even calling late into the evening.  So what was the problem?

We go to see lots of homes that have failed to sell.   Quite often we are surprised by what we see.  Many of the homes are lovely and the homeowner is in despair.  Life has been put on hold.  What was once a home they loved, is now becoming a headache as they desperately want to start the next chapter of their lives. 


What happened next?

We always begin with a sit-down chat in order to establish what has been happening in the time they were trying to sell.   We research to find out what has sold in a similar style or price range to allow us to fully work out their competition.  We also conduct a full review of the home and give our expert opinion.

 In the case of Jefferson Close, we decided it was simple need of taking this clients marketing to the next level.  Photos could be improved on,  the brochure design laid out better to be more visually appealing and, more importantly, the brochure written in the "write" way to evoke emotion.   It's key when selling any home not to mislead and oversell a house, but equally a bland boring description and poorly angled photos can also undersell it!

We decided to go back to the drawing board with this one and create a set of details which would make the home stand out.  We paid extra for premium marketing on Rightmove.  We focussed on a highly targeted Facebook campaign and decided to produce Lancaster's  first 360 virtual tour to really give potential buyers a fully immersed viewing experience.    


The result

The office team contacted buyers who we knew this home would suit.  We specialise in selling family homes in this price range so we knew we would soon have viewings lined up.   We also contacted potential landlords.  You might think this was a strange approach but there is a shortage of 3 bedroom homes in the rental market and we knew this could command a good return.   The result -  7 viewings,  2 offers and a sale agreed all within 3 weeks!    

Ps.  It sold to a property investor! 



What the owners had to say

"A huge thanks to all at JDG for such a wonderful service so far.  I have to mention particular, Cassie who has delivered exceptional service throughout ( as have the rest of the team of course ).   The efficiency and professionalism of all has been second to none!"