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Case Studies. Monkswood Avenue, Bare

Posted on Tuesday, November 8, 2016

This weeks success story is slighty different.  It's not based on how we saved the day.  Or how just a few small tweaks helped achieve our client a better price.  It's not about house staging and pretty photos.  This is about knowing your buyers in order to achieve the best price for your vendors.  In this case, the beneficiaries of the property.  Estate Agents have a duty of care. 
Case Studies.   Monkswood Avenue,  Bare

Our client was a local solicitor.  He was acting in the best interests of the family of the late owner.   It was important he could choose an estate agent he trusts.  Trust is essential in our industry.   We were called to Monkswood Avenue.  It was a 2 bed true bunglaow.  This home had been well cared for.  It might have been to an older persons taste,  however you could tell the owner had been very house proud.

Comparable evidence told us that the last 4 property sales ( all in 2016 ) had been under £100,000.  We however was confident we could get more.  We had a buyer in mind.  The question was how should we pitch this in order to get our client the best possible price? After all, that is our job.   Take a read...