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What do the Tier 3 restrictions mean for Lancaster and Morecambe home movers?

Posted on Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Have you wondered what Tier 3 restrictions mean for the Lancaster and Morecambe housing market?   Many local people have,  this week alone we have had 14 calls asking questions such as……


Can we still move home?  

Can we still view houses?  

What is happening with the local housing market?


Tier 3 is the highest level of Covid alert.  It is reserved for area’s where the Covid transmissions are the highest so it comes as no surprise that people locally have concerns.   However, the housing market is still open and physical viewings are still allowed.  We have to make sure that any viewing is carried out in a covid secure manner and unnecessary viewings are minimised.   

The government have also given guidance to people to not travel into Tier 3 locations unless necessary.   It is down to the individual to decide if their trip is essential. Our priority is the safety of you and our team.  Because of this, we have set procedures and safety measures in place.



Wherever possible our valuations are conducted virtually via video call.   We can spend longer with you,  seeing your home, discussing your moving plans and creating a bespoke moving plan.  It works.  Already 180 clients have successfully found buyers in this covid secure way since lockdown eased in May.  


Brochure Preparation and Video Creation

We will need to visit your home to create the brochure for sale.  We will always wear a face mask and sanitise our hands before we enter the property.  We ask that you have the property as tidy as possible so that way we are touching as little as possible.  Even if you are out, we will still wear our face mask so you can be confident that your home is secure.   We know we look a little odd on our Facebook live videos with our masks and visors on, however, we should act safely. 



On all viewings, we will be wearing a face mask and we ask that anybody viewing home does the same.  We will make sure everyone sanitizes their hands before entering your property - even if it is empty.   We can only show people who are on the market for sale or in a position where they can proceed.   We can also only show people in the same household.  At this stage, no children can view.  It’s not that we don’t like children,  but children touch!

There may be several homes you wish to see.  We politely ask that you take a close look at the details and watch the walkthrough videos we have created.   This way you can create a shortlist of the properties you really like the look of!  


Moving day

Removal companies are still operating and they will advise you what guidelines you need to follow.


We all have a part to play.  Luckily most people understand that.  Please understand why we can’t let you view if your home isn’t up for sale or why we have to politely refuse access if you have forgotten your face mask.   It is all about keeping people safe.

The Lancaster and Morecambe housing market is still moving.  Already this month we have agreed 29 property sales as home movers want to try and get moved before the stamp duty deadline. 

We’ll keep you updated if regulations change and remember if you have any concerns or questions, please just ask.   At JDG we are here to help!

You can call us on 01524 843322 or email me at michelle@jdg.co.uk