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Peparing your home for sale - The hallway

Posted on Monday, September 24, 2018

The hallway is the very first reception area in your home, which is why it is essential that you make a good impression to prospective purchaser’s. Your hallway needs to set the tone of your home.  It needs to feel welcoming.  If buyers like your hallway, they will want to continue with some eagerness to see the rest of your property.   What does your hallway say about you?

Stand back and take a close look at your hallway.  What do you have kept,  stored or even dumped here?  Do you have so much stuff your hallway is looking smaller than it actually is?   Is it time for a clear out?  


Coats and shoes

If you find you have so many coats that they are falling off the hooks,  get rid of them.  Maybe not literally,  but coats which are rarely worn can get put away in wardrobes upstairs or even tucked away in the loft.  Even better, if you have an understairs cupboard,  please hang them there.  Avoid the temptation to throw your jacket over the newel post on the stairs.  It looks really messy, and if you have a nice feature staircase you should be showing it off, not hiding it!

Shoes can be another problem in this area.  Often they get kicked off here and left in piles.  A simple solution can be to invest in a shoe rack.  If they have to be in the hall,  store them neat and tidy.  And no smelly trainers, please!


Daily Life

Daily life needs to be hidden away.  Nobody wants to see your keys, the post or even the kid’s school bags.  Even the vacuum cleaner needs to find a better home.  If you have a pram or child's car seat and you are struggling to find space elsewhere for these,  why not put them in the car on viewing days?  Remember this is all about making your hallway feel welcoming and as spacious as possible.


Let's get staging

Now you have space,  it’s time to look at your presentation.  If your hallway is dark, try some feature lighting.  If you have space a console table with a mirror above always work well.   Take a look at the photo above.  Flowers add colour.  Polished flooring looks clean.  This photo tells us that this is a well cared for home.  What does your hallway say about you?

Finally,  I’ll finish by saying this.  Your hallway greets your prospective buyer and it sets the tone.  Your hallway is also the place we say goodbye.  It’s the final lasting impression.  Let's make both impressions, excellent ones.


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