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How to think like a buyer when selling your Lancaster or Morecambe home

Posted on Thursday, February 25, 2021

If you are trying to sell your Lancaster or Morecambe home,  you need to start thinking like a buyer in order to ensure you achieve the best possible price. I meet potential home sellers every single day.  Some are very motivated to move and will do whatever it takes to get their home sold.   They have a desire and often a need to get moved. Others, however, are too emotionally attached to their home.  They don’t understand that by making some simple tweaks to their home will make a huge difference to the results they achieve.  

I always tell my clients that the way we live in a home is very different to how we should present for sale.   It is important to remember when selling your home, you are not the one buying it. 

Here are 4 things you can do to ensure your home attracts the right buyer for you!


Think about when you bought your home

I want you to think about when you bought your home.   This is not the time of year,  but your stage of life.   Were you a young couple?  A first-time buyer?   Or possibly a family with young children?

It is highly likely that your buyer will have similar traits to what you had.  For example, my parents bought their 3-bed semi-detached 43 years ago when Mum was pregnant with me.   A 3-bed semi-detached home is likely to appeal to young families -  not a couple of my parent's age! 


Think about why you bought your home

What attracted you to buy your home?   Was it the generous room sizes?   The fact it had a kitchen diner?  Maybe it was the character and period features?   It may have been the fact you have a view of Morecambe Bay or Lancaster Castle or out towards Clougha. 

I like to find all of this out.   I call these key features and what attracted you in the first place, is quite possibly what will attract your ideal buyer.  You need to ensure these features are highlighted in your marketing.  


Show off your space

Next, you need to show off your space.  You might only have a 1-bed apartment, you could have a 5-bed detached house.  Buyers though all want to see space.  It could be that you need to de-clutter.   

If you have a collection of ornaments,  or the tops of your wardrobes and kitchen cupboards are full of boxes, suitcases,  games etc…  they all need to go.   Buyers want to see a clutter-free home.  They want to see floor space.   


Perfect your presentation

Finally, you need to perfect your presentation in a way it appeals to your buyer.    I want you to start thinking like a showhouse.   You want buyers to walk in and say - Yes,  I can see myself living here.

Little changes have a big effect.  Finish off any odd jobs.  Clean your windows inside and out.  Use white bedding to make your bedroom feel bigger.   Hideaway everyday bathroom items and display bathroom posh goodies.   Think like a hotel.   New cushions on a sofa, can transform a lounge.   I’ve written a whole Eguide on this which you can download free from our website.


Ultimately the key to selling success is to create a home that buyers can visualise themselves living in.  Never forget this -  “Your home is for sale in competition with other homes, not in isolation”.   Make sure your home is the best property for its price!



What to do next...

Download your free Eguide on how to perfect your presentation here