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Great teamwork sells houses!

Posted on Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Many people ask me what is the secret to how we sell so many houses.  How do we do it?  What actually makes us different?  I put it down to top team work.  We know each other’s strengths.  We even know each other’s weaknesses.  We work together for the good of our client.  We want to achieve the same goals!  Lets compare to a winning football team.



Every good team needs a good strong leader.  Look at failing football teams. Who do they blame when things go wrong? It’s normally the football manager.  A great leader knows how to coach, how to get the best from their team.  They play the team in their strongest positions. They have a tactical plan.  In estate agency terms they know the market.  They foresee what’s coming.

The Players

Every football team needs players.  They are essential.  One man teams don’t work. You can only be in one place at a time, just like you can be on one part of a pitch at a time.  You also need players with different skills.  We all know great goal keepers don’t make great strikers!  In estate agency terms we need office staff, negotiators, administrators, viewers and valuers.  Our players are what make our team. We have dedicated viewers just for you.  It works.  And it works well.


Winning football teams win because they are well coached.  They know what they doing.  They have all the latest technology and training facilities .  Times are changing.  We all to move forward with the times. Because of this our team receive regular training.  We have weekly video training.  We attend training courses.  We discuss new ideas in our morning meetings.  We want to be the best.


The worlds best players have a hunger.  A desire to win.  To be the very best.  Take a look at the estate agents you have met.  It may be on a viewing.  It maybe on a valuation.  It maybe in the office or on the phone.  How did they treat you?  How did they make you feel?  Were they interested in you and your home or even your moving plans?  Choose an agent who has passion for their job.  It makes a huge difference!


Are you thinking of moving?  Choose a team which believes in you.  Choose a team with strong leadership and players who want to be the best.  Choose JDG!