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How to decorate your home for selling success!

Posted on Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Deciding to move home is a big deal.  For many it’s a life changing event.  We have dreams and we have hopes.  We pour through magazines and pinterest boards planning on how our new home is going to look often forgetting the one we already live in.  Our current home becomes our past as we look and plan the future.  But how can the future become reality when we our current home isn’t yet sold?  How can we get the best price for it?  After all,  we all want the best price don’t we?

 Let’s look at your decor in your present home.  A client just has and the result is, we found a buyer on relaunch in just 6 days!


Grubby Marks

Touch up those grubby marks and scuffs.  Your decor needs to look fresh.  Take a look at your walls.  Has the dog made it dirty looking?  Are there children’s handprints or crayon marks?  It’s all really important.  If you have the same paint, spend a couple of hours freshening it all up.  One coat should be enough!


Chipped paint

Is your paint work looking chipped?  If so it is time to repair it.  Often sanding it back and  a simple repaint will work.  If the chips are bit deeper, you might need to use some wood filler first.  A home with smart woodwork including the skirting boards and door frames looks so much more appealing.  Let’s be honest, you wouldn’t go on a night out with chipped nails with you?


Colourful walls

How colourful are your walls?  When selling your home you need to appeal to a wide audience.  Lighter neutral walls do this.  Lighter colours can make a room feel brighter and often bigger.  Colour is often too personalised, although magnolia can be seen as boring!  I love crisp white and soft greys.  Let your buyers visualise themselves living there.  Add colour through accessories and artwork instead!


Garish Wallpaper

I love wallpaper and I hate wallpaper.  Wallpaper is a statement.  But often a statement about you. We don’t all have the same tastes.  We don’t all for example want purple walls!  It can however also work very well.  I have seen wallpaper actually sell homes.  You can create impact.  Choose it wisely and for selling success stick to just one feature wall!


Decorate your home wisely for selling success.  I’ve seen decor done beautifully easily add an extra £5000 to a clients home, in this instance it was actually nearer £10,000.  Advice like this is what we do at JDG. It’s how we excel.  Why not call us a for free home move consultation?  Call us on 01524 843322