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Do you want to be moved by Christmas? Now is the time to act!

Posted on Monday, September 16, 2019

Christmas, it will soon be upon us.  Already many garden centres are starting to get ready,  Christmas Parties are being advertised and the Harrods Christmas shop has been open for over a month.     Many home movers decide now that they want to be moved by Christmas.  They put a self-imposed deadline on themselves.  So much so that December has become one of the busiest months of the year for people physically moving.  

This year, the last day people can move is December 20th.  That gives us just 3 months to get your home sold and completed.   Can it be done still?  It can,  but you need to be following our tips if you want to secure a buyer quickly.  September is a busy month for property sales - to give you an example we have already agreed 16 sales this month, and at the time of writing, that is a sale a day!  


1. Choose the right estate agent.

Choosing the right estate agent is essential.  The correct estate agent will listen to your needs and address your concerns.  Look for the agent you feel most comfortable working with.  Ask friends, family and colleagues for recommendations.  The right agent will want to know about you and your home.  A good agent will communicate with you.  They will give you honest feedback and make suggestions and recommendations.


2. Price your home fairly

Accurate pricing is key for anyone trying to move to a timetable.  Nobody wants to give your home away, however, push the price too high and the buyers simply won’t want to view.  If you price your home fairly, the buyers will come.  Fairly priced homes attract viewers.  Our job is to turn the viewing into a sale for you.


3. Know your key selling points

What are your key selling points?  Why should somebody buy your house rather than a different one?  I ask all my clients this question.  These key selling points are what will attract the next owner.  Cast your mind back.  Why did you choose your home?  Let's make these points the focus of your marketing.


4. Dress your home for sale

First impressions are important.  Give your buyers reasons to buy, not reasons to run away.  Open the curtains back so the light flows in.  Light the fire on cooler days.  Touch up paintwork.  Invest in new cushions to dress your sofa.  Dress your bed.  Bring out your bathroom goodies.  As autumn approaches rich strong colours give an appealing warmth to a home.  Keep your garden or yard neat and colourful with seasonal planting.



5. Consider buying a home which is chain free!

Finally.  If you really want to make sure you are in your new home before Christmas, considering buying a home which is chain free.  This will give you much more control.  When a home is empty, sales can be pushed through quicker.  It’s worth considering!


Do you want to move by Christmas?  If so follow our advice and you could be tucking into your turkey dinner in your new home before you know it!

My name is Michelle Gallagher and I am the sales director and valuer at JDG Estate Agents.  If you would like a bespoke moving plan and free moving tips, please give me a call.  I’d love to help you.  If you are ready to meet me, please click below and let's book a time to meet!