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5 things to do whilst you are stuck at home in Lancaster & Morecambe

Posted on Tuesday, April 7, 2020

How many times have you said - I wish I had more free time?   Or used the excuse that I don’t have time?   All of a sudden, many of us have a lot more  free  time than we actually really want.  The problem now is, how do we use that time? 


Some of us still have work to do.  Key workers are finding themselves busier than they have ever been.  Those of us who are working from home are having to juggle work with homeschooling.  

A client argued that the time isn’t free.   If it was - we could use it how we wanted, however, we can’t as we are stuck at home.   It got me thinking.  If you are somebody who has extra time on their hands, what can you be doing to keep yourself and your family occupied?

Here are 5 things the JDG team came up with



Grow your own veg

If you are lucky enough to have a garden, why not start growing your own veg?  Salads are quick to grow and there is nothing tastier than homegrown tomatoes.  You can even grow these on a window sill.  Garden Centres may be closed however you can still order seeds online.   

W.Robinson&Son of Forton specialise in mail-order of seeds




Take a Virtual Class

There are so many online classes appearing on social media channels such as YouTube and Facebook.   You can join in with cooking classes or keep fit,  you can take a maths class or join with quizzes.  Locally why not join Temple Yoga and take up Yoga.  You’ll also be supporting a local business.

Temple Yoga




Get Creative

Now is a great time to get creative.   You could take up drawing or painting.   You could make your own cards to send to friends and relatives or even send to residents of nursing and residential homes.  It will help put a smile on their face.

Claire in our rental team is learning how to quilt.  Mr JDG is working on his own project and has just painted a boars head.  Cassie is finding adult art books quite therapeutic. 



Learn to bake

How many of us wished we had more time to bake a cake or make our own fresh bread?  You can find lots of ideas online and some of the Top chefs now have their own YouTube channels with a whole range of videos.   I’ve even been watching Rachel Edmonds son Lucas on Facebook giving his baking demonstration!

If baking isn’t your thing, why not start making smoothies and juices at home.   I’m now starting every day with a fresh juice of Carrot, Orange and Ginger.   My excuse before was that I never had the time!


Learn a new language

Why not use this extra time to learn a new language.  Think of somewhere you like going on holiday and try and learn a few key phrases to help you get by and impress the locals.   John and I love going to Portugal, so Portuguese is our choice.   The only phrase though at hubby seems to have perfected is “Tu es shatter”.   This translates to - “You are annoying!”




Here are just some of the things you could be doing should you find yourself with extra time.   Other people might choose to work on their business - it is what we are certainly doing.  

If you have been furloughed,  don’t forget there are so many self-development things you can be doing.  This can range from online training, listening to podcasts or simply connecting with others in your industry via social media groups  ( in estate agency there are lots to choose from! )

For other people just getting through the day and adjusting to a new routine is important.  Use your extra time wisely.  Plan your day.  Read a book in the garden.  Eat healthily and don’t forget to exercise.

How are you spending your extra time?  Please let us know your new ideas and we can share them with the people of Lancaster and Morecambe.  Remember - we are all in this together!


You can contact us on 01524 843322 or email me at michelle@jdg.co.uk