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5 tell tale signs that it is time to move

Posted on Monday, March 11, 2019

Moving home is never a decision to be taken lightly. Some people need to move - they may be changing area for a new job, or being forced to move due to circumstances such as divorce. For others, however, the desire to move begins with a feeling.  

Some people feel they need a fresh start, others start to feel they need more space. Some people want a change in lifestyle, others feel isolated, alone and yearn for companionship. Some people feel they need a garden so they can spend more time outdoors. Others simply wish to be able to walk their children to school.

Here are 5 tell tale signs that it is time for you to move



You need more space

Is your home bursting at the seams?  Have you simply outgrown your space?  If your family is getting bigger, or you have started to work from home and now need a study,  this is a big sign that you need to move.


The dreaded DIY list

Does your home need more work than you can tackle?  If DIY is not your thing (many older homes do need regular maintenance), it could be that you are yearning after a more easy maintenance lifestyle.   Consider more modern properties and you’ll have the weekends free to enjoy your spare time.


Are you missing family and friends? 

I meet lots of people who wish to move as they no longer have family in the area.  Many people yearn to be closer to their children and to be there to help out with the grandchildren.  Life is about more than the 4 walls you live in!



A change in lifestyle

Are you enjoying life?   Many people move for lifestyle reasons.  Some people downsize to enable them to spend more time abroad.  Others wish to move into the countryside.  I’ve had clients that want to be close to the sea and others that want to be close to the city centre simply so they can walk to work 


Are you getting annoyed?

If you are coming home from work and getting annoyed that you can’t park outside your home,  or the neighbours are being too noisy - this is a sure tell tale sign that it is time to move.   


Do any of these 5 reasons, strike a chord with you?   Do you stay or do you go?   It is a question many people ask, yet in the end, only you can decide.   If you would like to talk about your call us for some simple straight talking property advice and guidance. My name is Michelle Gallagher.  Call me on 01524 843322 or drop me an email at michelle@jdg.co.uk