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A guide to the schools in LA1 3

Posted on Saturday, May 2, 2020

Welcome to LA1 3, a fantastic area in South Lancaster which consists of various types of properties and has plenty to offer. Here we take a look at the schools which are situated within the LA1 3 postcode. If you’re new to the area and need some advice, then look no further...
A guide to the schools in LA1 3

Primary Schools

LA1 3 is home to three primary schools in total, two of which have the Ofsted rating of ‘Good’ and one has the rating of ‘Inadequate’. Of course, each school has its pros and cons, and all will cater differently to your family’s and child’s specific needs. Let’s explore the three primary schools in the LA1 3 postcode...

The Cathedral Catholic Primary School, Lancaster

Location: Balmoral Road, Lancaster

The Cathedral Catholic Primary School is located in the Moorlands area of LA1 3, situated a short stroll from Lancaster Royal Grammar School and Lancaster Cathedral. This is a popular Roman Catholic primary school with an Ofsted rating of ‘Good’. There is no admissions policy and the school welcomes both genders between the ages of 4-11. The school openly welcomes children from all faiths and backgrounds. 

The Cathedral Catholic Primary School tells parents to expect to find a “warm, welcoming family atmosphere with a love of learning where all potential is unlocked.” The school was the first Primary school to be awarded ‘School of Sanctuary’ in 2017 meaning the school’s community values, nurtures and encourages everyone to fulfil their potential. The school is equally strong in both subject areas of Reading and Maths and scores well above average in Writing, as can be seen on their Ofsted report.

There is a strong emphasis on celebrating and rewarding effort and achievements within the primary school and there are numerous systems whereby children can be rewarded for their hard work both in and out of the classroom. This primary school is fantastic for children from all backgrounds and abilities and places a huge emphasis on encouraging children to discover their potential.

Lancaster Christ Church, Church of England Primary School

Location: Highfield, Lancaster, LA1 3ES

Lancaster Christ Church, Church of England Primary School has an Ofsted rating of ‘Good’ and is a popular primary school amongst locals. It caters to children between the ages of 4-11 of both genders. The school falls within the Church of England’s religious group but is inclusive of children from all faiths and backgrounds and does not have an admissions policy.

Lancaster Christ Church, C of E Primary School describes itself as “a creative, forward-thinking school that thrives on teamwork and values enjoyment of learning. We are committed to a fully inclusive learning environment.” The school’s strongest subject areas as can be seen on their Ofsted report are within Reading and Maths.

Parents are encouraged to get involved at Christ Church Primary, within the ‘Friends Association’, a body of adults who meet on a regular basis to discuss fundraising ideas to support the school and its pupils. The Friends Association have held numerous successful fundraising events which include a disco, summer fair, cake sale and ice cream sales. This is fantastic for hands-on parents who love to support their child’s school and meet other parents whilst doing so.


Castle View Primary School

Location: Keswick Road, Lancaster LA1 3LE 

Castle View Primary School is located in the Ridge area of LA1 3 with stunning views out across the City of Lancaster to Lancaster Castle and across to the stunning hills of the Lake District. The schools latest Ofsted report awarded the school a rating of ‘Inadequate’. However, the school is still popular due to its small size allowing for a more personal, hands-on learning style. The school does not belong to a religious body and caters to children between the ages of 4-11 of both genders. 

Castle View Primary School prides itself on its sense of community. The school’s vision is “Together at Castle View Primary School we strive for all children to become independent and confident learners. We enable children to achieve their potential within a creative and challenging curriculum delivered through high-quality teaching. We nurture a positive environment where adults and children respect each other within a safe and caring community.” The school’s strongest subject areas as can be seen on their Ofsted report are within Writing and Maths.

Castle View Primary School doesn’t just focus on the academic side of learning and believes school boasts an opportunity for children to discover their interests and therefore host a number of extracurricular activities such as dance, fitness, football club, netball club and booster classes for children in Year 6. This is a great primary school for your children if you believe they are likely to thrive in a small, community-focused school.

Secondary Schools

LA1 3 is home to two secondary schools in total, one of which holds the Ofsted rating of ‘Outstanding’ and the second ‘Good’. Both schools are exceptionally popular and offer different styles of learning.

Lancaster Royal Grammar School

Location: East Road, Lancaster, LA1 3EF

Lancaster Royal Grammar School is well known nationwide and The Sunday Times described it as “the top state school for boys in the North West”.  LRGS welcomes boys between the ages of 11-16 for their secondary school, admissions must sit an Eleven Plus exam and pass in order to gain a place at the school.  The school also runs a very successful Sixth Form for 16-18-year olds of both genders.  Gaining the Ofsted rating of ‘Outstanding’ it is clear to see why this school is top choice for many.  It is incredibly competitive to gain a place at LRGS as the school is not only open to local families but houses boarding facilities too.  As the school is a state school the education is free, with parents only having to pay for the boarding element of the school should they choose for their child to board.

Lancaster Royal Grammar School strives for excellence in both academic studies and extra-curricular activities. Pupils achieve exceptional results with 54% achieving A*/A grades at A-level and 40% 9/8 grades at GCSE in 2019 according to the school’s website. Twelve pupils in 2019 took up places at the prestigious Universities Oxford and Cambridge. Pupils at LRGS are not only successful in their academic studies but the school is widely known for sporting excellence also with Ofsted reporting “a quite exceptional range of well-attended after-school activities makes an excellent contribution to pupils’ physical, health and social development”.

Lancaster Royal Grammar School is suited to children who are bright and focused, wanting to achieve their best possible results both academically and through extra-curricular activities also. Located between both Freehold and the Moorlands, LRGS has fantastic proximity to Lancaster City Centre and Lancaster Cathedral and is easily accessible.


Central Lancaster High School

Location: Crag Road, Lancaster, LA1 3LS

Central Lancaster High School is a popular secondary school amongst locals, welcoming children between the ages of 11-16 of both genders. The school has a non-selective admissions policy and may only consider the distance of the pupil’s home to the school and whether a sibling is already attending Central Lancaster High School. The school has been awarded the rating of ‘Good’ by Ofsted.

Central Lancaster High School shares their mission on their website as being “to create opportunities and experiences which empower all our learners to develop aspiration, character and endeavour; ensuring personal success, enabling individual progress and preparing for life beyond school”. The school prides itself on supporting each child individually and seeing that each child’s learning journey is unique, and their curriculum must reflect their uniqueness. 26% of pupils in Key Stage 4 achieved a grade 5 or above in English & Maths GCSEs in 2017.

Central Lancaster High School is a fantastic school for children who thrive in a community focused environment and benefit from being exposed to and working alongside children of all abilities. Located on the Ridge Estate, Central Lancaster High School is easily accessible and sits on the edge of Lancaster City Centre.

LA1 3 is well served by a number of schools.  Education is a key reason why many people choose to move home.  If you would like to discuss more about life in LA1 3 or indeed living in LA1 3,  please just get in touch.  Our number is 01524 843322