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A 6 mile circular walk starting and finishing at LA1 3JX – Stone Row Head, Lancaster

Posted on Saturday, May 23, 2020

This is a lovely walk which takes in many beautiful views across Lancaster and towards the Bay thanks to the elevation of many of the paths. The original intention was for it to be slightly shorter however due to the re-lining of the canal on the Aquaduct and part of the path being closed off, a detour was taken which added to the distance and took us out of the LA1 3 postcode for a little while.
A 6 mile circular walk starting and finishing at LA1 3JX – Stone Row Head, Lancaster



  1. Begin at Stone Row Head and walk along the tree lined road. You can see from here the recently restored Moor Hospital and the newly built Moor Park homes. 




2. As you come to the end of the road take the path to the right signposted bridleway. Follow this path until you reach the bridge which takes you over the M6 motorway. There are fantastic views of the bay in the distance from here. 








3. Once you are over the motorway continue on the gravel path which leads off to the left. 







4. Once you are over the motorway continue on the gravel path which leads off to the left






5. Look out for the entrance to the Lune Aquaduct path on Caton Road and go through this entrance. If you are ready for a stop at this point McDonalds is just before the turn off for the Lune Aquaduct. (Post Covid-19 Pandemic arrangements).

6. Enjoy the greenspace and water pools as you head towards the River Lune.




7. Take the stone steps up on to the Lune Aquaduct. At this point I had intended to turn right to walk along the canal towards the city centre however due to the relining of the canal and this path being closed, I decided to turn left and go over the Aquaduct towards Halton weir. The Lune Aquaduct is quite a feat of engineering. Built in 1797 it is Grade 1 listed and carried the Lancaster Canal above the River Lune. Stop for a moment on the Aquaduct and take in the tremendous views down the River Lune. 





8. As you reach the bridge over the canal where the 2 signs above are located, take the path off to the left which joins Halton Road. Continue along Halton Road towards Skerton and follow the river until you reach Skerton Bridge. Take in the beauty of Halton weir and look out for herons fishing for their lunch! 




9. Once you reach Skerton Bridge cross over the bridge then cross over to Caton Road and follow Caton Road round past Lidl, Pizza Hut to the Dana car wash. You can see here the newly built student accommodation named Aparto Caton Court. The views must be amazing from the upper floors!

10. At the car wash turn left onto Bulk Road then right onto St Leonards Gate.


11.Then turn left on to Alfred Street and follow the road until it becomes Seymour Street then Edward Street. Turn left onto Moor Lane and this road then becomes Moor Gate. When you reach the junction turn left onto Quernmore Road. This is the home straight!

12. Before you leave Moor Gate take a look back at the view across the Bay. On a clear day you can see the mountains of the Lake District dominating the sky line.



13. Walk up Quernmore Road and enjoy views of Williamson Park to the right. 


14. Arrive back where you started at Stone Row Head. 



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